Case Studies

SHG Planning, NY, Case Study Business Succession Issues & Ideas

For the family business owner one of the most important, yet most often overlooked or poorly addressed, aspects of their planning is succession. How do you provide a smooth transition of management (especially when family members and children are involved) at a business owner’s retirement or in case of their death or disability? Many planning pitfalls exist, so often mistakes are made, and the guidance of a professional is invaluable.

Business Succession Issues and Ideas, we will go over the following situations:

  • One Family (1 child in / 1 or more out)
  • One Family (More Than 1 Child In)
  • Two Equal Shareholders (No Children In
  • Two Non-Equal Shareholders (No Children In)
  • Two Equal Shareholders (One Family with Child In)
  • Two Equal Shareholders (Both Have Children In)
  • Two Non-Equal Shareholders (Majority Shareholder Has a Child In)