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Family Trusts

Family Revocable Trusts Family Trust describes a trust (sometimes called a Deed of Trust or Trust Deed) in which the beneficiaries are all related by blood, marriage, or adoption. The Family Trust can be revocable or irrevocable, though the revocable version is more common. This article will focus on revocable living trust as the key…

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Minority Shareholders

Succession planning often includes a transition plan for a business. Businesses commonly use one of three forms of incorporation, ‘C’ Corp, ‘S’ Corp, or LLC, though there are other legal forms of incorporation. Regardless of the form of incorporation, there are those who hold the power to make decisions for the business and those who…


Maximizing The Sale Price of Your Business

When the time comes to sell a business, the owner typically wants to sell for the highest price. There are times, including the sale of the business to a family member, when the highest price is not the objective. But when the buyer is an unrelated third party, the highest price is the main priority.…

Effective Buy-Sell Agreements Article

Transfers of a Closely Held Business to Family

Transferring a family-owned business to a future generation of owners can involve some complex estate planning issues depending upon the value of the business. The state and federal taxman may have an interest in any estate, gift, or capital gains taxes that may result from the transfer. The second section of this article provides an…

Long Term Care

Long-Term Care Alternatives

Statistics indicate that seven out of 10 Americans over the age of 65 will need some form of long-term care (LTC) services during their lifetime. In addition, four out of 10 Americans over 65 will enter a nursing home and two out of 10 will remain there for at least five years. Long term care…

Longevity Annuities

Longevity Annuities

What are Longevity Annuities? Longevity annuities are a type of deferred fixed annuity. They are specifically designed to provide income guarantees to people who might outlive their savings. These annuities target people approaching retirement. They simplify the process of retirement financial planning by eliminating concerns with a possibly very long lifespan. Longevity annuities target people…

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Long Term Care Q & A

What events will trigger a LTC policy and are the benefit “triggers” clearly spelled out? For a long-term care policy to be triggered, you must be unable to perform at least two activities from a list of Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs. These activities include things such as bathing, eating, dressing, getting in and…

Long Term Care Insurance-A Primer

A Primer on Long Term Care Insurance

The Need for LTCi According to an August 31, 2017 article by Christine Benz for Morningstar (, the following statistics identify the need for Long Term Care insurance (LTCi). 46.7% of men turning 65 will have a need for long term care in their lifetimes. 57.5% of women turning 65 will have a need for…



A QPRT is an estate planning tool to gift a house from parents to children at a discounted value. This irrevocable grantor trust has temporarily fallen out of favor due to the substantial increase in the estate exemption due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. If the estate tax exemption reverts to…


Private Foundations

When people make philanthropy a part of their lives, and their estate plans, they have choices in how and to whom they donate. Most people opt to contribute to a public charity, be it a church, university, or a service-oriented charity such as the American Diabetes Association or United Way. Some choose to establish their…


Private Company Board of Directors

A private business has choices to make when it comes time to develop a board of directors. Companies organized as a C or S corporation are required to have a board. Delaware and Massachusetts law permit a minimal board consisting of one member. Most states require more than one board member. All states require S…

Longevity Annuities

Private Annuities

A private annuity is a means of transferring an asset from its current owner to a preferred future owner. Its common use is to transfer ownership of a privately held company or an investment property to the future generation of owner-manager. The mechanism for the transfer is relatively simple, though it comes with multiple requirements,…

It took a lifetime to build your legacy. Give us a call to see how we can help you preserve it.

It took a lifetime to build your legacy. Give us a call to see how we can help you preserve it.


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