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Estate Planning 3 & 4

Creating a Great Succession Plan to Preserve Generational Wealth

Sean Pan interviews the top real estate investors and professionals in the Silicon Valley Bay Area to give you the inside tips and tricks of the industry, enabling you to be ahead of the curve with your investments. Discover how you can create multi-generational wealth with actionable steps that will enable you to have the…

Estate Planning 1 & 2

Star Mountain Case Study

Star Mountain Capital CEO Brett Hickey sits down virtually with Steve Goodman, the President & CEO of SHG Planning to discuss the importance of succession and estate planning. Soundcloud Google Podcast

Family Business Succession w/ Steven Goodman

I recently wrote a book on Business Succession Planning. I wrote it for all business leaders, including chapters specifically written for family business leaders. We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. –Chuck Palahniuk This quote is perfect for family business leaders, isn’t it? It’s a…

Life Insurance Premium Financing: What You Need To Know

There are circumstances in which borrowing money to pay life insurance premiums makes either economic and/or tax sense. This article will explain why one might want to borrow to pay premiums and how the funding would work. View Article

EGGS: The Podcast

Talking about family business succession planning, estate planning, life insurance, planning for retirement, and preservation of wealth, join me for my guest appearance on EGGS: The Podcast. View Episode

Succession Planning with Steven Goodman

On this show, we talked about the process of business succession planning, why people avoid it, the risks they run by not doing it, and all the parties that need to be considered and involved with Steven Goodman, CPA, MBA, author and CEO of SHG Planning. Listen to learn why business succession planning is so…

Discover The Biggest Key Elements Relating To An Estate Plan For Business Owners

Discover the biggest key elements relating to an estate plan for business owners. with Steven H. Goodman. Steven talks about maintaining family business harmony and learn what you need to consider before handing your business over. View Episode

Biz Help For You: Business Succession Planning

Are you thinking of selling to start a new endeavor? Are you a business owner of a company you want to continue on after your retirement? When should you start planning? Tune in to learn how to plan the succession of your business to family, other partners, key employees or the outright sale of the…

Trials and Tribulations of Succession Planning

Steven Goodman is passionate about providing insightful solutions to the challenges of business succession, wealth preservation and charitable planning, focusing on the needs of owners of closely held businesses and high net worth individuals. As a CPA and former VP of the Trust and Investment Division of JP Morgan Chase, he’s served hundreds of estate…

The Human Side of Exit Planning

Steve Goodman, CEO and Founder of SHG Planning, has over 30 years of experience in business succession planning. His firm specializes in high-end, sophisticated business succession, estate planning, for high and ultra high net worth individuals. Steve enjoys the uniquely interesting challenge that comes with helping this level of client, both technically and emotionally. Steve’s…

It took a lifetime to build your legacy. Give us a call to see how we can help you preserve it.

It took a lifetime to build your legacy. Give us a call to see how we can help you preserve it.


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