Planning + Right strategies = Peace of mind

We’re here to help you in 3 main ways:

  • Work directly with you and your advisors to significantly reduce your taxes using advanced tax mitigation strategies
  • Eliminate 99% of capital gains tax on any asset sales — a business, company stock, real estate or other types of assets
  • Reduce your tax burden on income and distributions from your business or investments by up to 50%

We help you by using the same strategies that Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg have access to via their Private Family Offices.


All of our services start by going through a 360-degree discovery phase that enables us to understand relevant information so that we can work together to address any challenges or concerns.

Life Insurance in Pension Plans QandA

Part of this discovery process includes:

  • Understanding your wishes and your family’s perceptions of your assets/wealth
  • Identifying your financial structure
  • Recognizing any emotional barriers or challenges with succession
  • Identifying tax implications for investments, businesses and other assets
  • Detecting management capabilities in your business
  • Recommending financial instruments

Estate Planning

Whether you’re adjusting or creating an estate plan that’s used to protect your family or business, we’re here to look out for your future. Determining how your assets will be passed down can be overwhelming and emotional, which is why we provide a fully detailed estate analysis. It includes specific recommendations as to how to best conserve assets and distribute them fairly and intelligently.

We bring objectivity and fairness to the emotional and delicate process. The ultimate goal is to design and implement an estate plan that not only accomplishes significant tax reduction strategies, but also keeps your family together.

Business Succession

We’re here to help identify and address key issues with your business succession, including who will run, work and own stock in the business. We also walk you through factors such as how much each interested party will be compensated and our recommendations are made with tax efficiency in mind that’s in line with your goals.

We understand that family dynamics play a huge part in your decision making process. At SHG Planning we take sensitive and complicated issues into consideration such as divorce, remarriage and maintaining equity between children who are active in the family business and those who are not involved in the business.

Let’s work on creating highly effective strategies to help you avoid the pitfalls of poor estate planning and reward your loved ones, save your business and maintain your wealth — your pride and your legacy.

Pension or Benefits

SHG Planning provides clients with a detailed review of their existing compensation, benefit and pension programs. We explore all the available options and make specific recommendations so that you can reap the maximum benefits.

We also assist with communicating employee benefit programs to existing and potential employees to achieve greater results in recruitment, retention and overall satisfaction. We want to help you motivate employees to perform for the greater good of the organization.