Client Testimonials

Steve Goodman is one of a few people that I can truly call a “Trusted Advisor” Steve will spend the time and effort to completely listen and understand the client’s needs, wishes and family inter-relationships. Only after he gets the full picture of what the client’s needs are will he make a professional recommendation. Clients always understand their options, costs and benefits after consulting with him. Clients often walk away from meeting with Steve as if they have known him for a long time. This is why Steve is a Trusted Advisor.
– Jed Dallek, CPA, Partner, Gettry Marcus, CPA, P.C.

Steven Goodman and SHG Planning are more than insurance professionals of the highest quality – they are an integral part of the planning process. I have worked with Steven for many years and greatly value his exceptional planning prowess.
– Judson Stein, Esq, Genova, Burns & Giantomasi

Steve Goodman’s knowledge of sophisticated estate and business planning techniques integrating life insurance strategies to maximize a client’s plan keeps him on the cutting edge.
– Patrica Marcin, Farrel Fritz

I have personally and professionally dealt with Steve Goodman and SHG Planning for over 15 years and have had an opportunity to closely observe his work and dealings with others. Steve is extremely knowledgeable about life insurance, estate planning, the tax laws and accounting principles. He has introduced to me and continues to work closely with my estate attorney and accounting firm. Steve has represented me on various insurance transactions. His work is always professional, his line of thought is always intelligent and his advice is always straight forward and practical. Steve Goodman possesses a strong sense of initiative and dependability, is of the highest integrity and conducts his affairs with proper deportment, courtesy and interest.
– Howard Smith, Pleatco

Steve Goodman and SHG Planning have added great value to our family’s estate and business succession planning. Their integration with the rest of our financial advisors was extremely valuable. Steve Goodman and SHG Planning’s knowledge of all life insurance products, tax implications and coordination with my CPA and attorney was exceptional. Steve has proved to be a valuable asset to my overall estate planning for me and my family. Prior to meeting Steve Goodman and SHG Planning, I felt my team of advisors had covered every aspect of my planning. I couldn’t believe the added value his firm brought to all of my family’s planning needs.
– Eugene Cardoza, Cardoza Corporation

We have had such a strong and meaningful relationship and you have treated my clients and myself with both great knowledge and integrity.
– Marvin Ellin, CPA

Steve Goodman is not your standard tax and insurance planning professional; he’s also a remarkable “connector” a la Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. He can stitch together advanced wealth transfer plans for clients and can also stitch together professionals. Uncommon.
– Jamie McLaughlin, J.H. MCLaughlin & Co., LLC

Steve Goodman and SHG Planning present a client with technical expertise in funding and acquiring life insurance with integrity and professionalism.
– Louis P. Karol, Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP

I have worked with Steve Goodman and his group at SHG Planning for many years. Over this time period I have always found Steve to foremost be a gentleman. He brings sophisticated and current techniques to my attention on a regular basis and suggests client profiles to which they would be applicable. Steve is very creative in solving problems and adds a positive presence to each of our client meetings. I truly appreciate his follow-up; nothing every falls between the cracks. We work together as a highly effective team.
– Steve Kaplan, Sax Macy Fromm & Co., PC

Steve Goodman and SHG Planning with their proven knowledge of insurance has helped my family and I plan for the future in a most sensible manner and helped us with our estate planning.
– Shelly Bellovin, Legion Lighting

I have known Steve for several years. He is always very generous with his time and advice even when he knows from the start that there will be no compensation for him at the end. He is also generous with his time in introducing me to people who he thinks may enhance my own business or knowledge base.
– Joann Palumbo, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP

I have worked with Steve on several occasions and have been impressed with his innovative approach and his diligence in serving his clients.
– Fred Berk, Partner, Friedman LLP

Steve brought to us ideas that we had never considered or even knew were possible. In the end what we put together netted us much more insurance at a much lower annual cost.
– David Frankel, President, The Arlee Group

SHG Planning’s thoroughness in developing planning options and their depth of understanding and knowledge when dealing with the problems faced by the closely-held business owner is outstanding.
– Bruce Wexler, Partner, Loeb & Loeb Counselors at Law

I have worked with Steve Goodman on a number of client situations and found him to be a first rate professional in the services he provided to our clients.
– Richard Finkelstein, Partner, Berkowitz, Lichtstein, Kuritsky, Giasullo & Gross LLC

I have known Steve Goodman for over 20 years. He is the most experienced insurance professional I know and I never hesitate to ask his advice. I have sent several clients to him throughout the years and they have all been extremely satisfied. His insurance audits have resulted in savings and/or increased insurance at no additional cost to my clients. Because of his knowledge and thoroughness Steve is my go to person for insurance.
– Gerald J. Dunworth, Partner, Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP.

B&B Coverage is a property & casualty insurance agency that recently added a benefits division focusing on group benefit products. For many years we have outsourced both our, “estate & business succession planning” to a third party. Today that third party is exclusively Steve Goodman because of the cutting edge strategies and professional manner he has demonstrated with our client base. In today’s fast moving business environment, where people have little time to plan, Steve brings a calming and soothing approach to helping people think about the future & “what if”. A very difficult and a lot of times over looked, but essential conversation, to protect the wealth one works a life time to amass. Steve is willing to invest the time regardless of the situation to help people plan for the future. Several times with our clients Steve has invested significant amounts of time without ever being compensated as he understands that after making a client assessment, sometimes it is best to not try to change just to change. This is what makes Steve Goodman the man for the job in our opinion.
– Ronald Brunell, President, B & B Coverage

Integrity, knowledgeable, professional and one the most honest professionals I have ever met.
– Lou Grassi, Grassi & Company

The expertise and experience that Steve Goodman and SHG Planning bring to the table is invaluable.
– Michael Hochman, Grassi & Company

Steve Goodman is a consummate professional in providing sophisticated solutions to business, tax and insurance related issues.
– Steven P. Block, Esq., Block, Lazar, Aptheker, Rosella & Yedid, P.C.

I have had the opportunity over many years to evaluate Steve’s work for our clients. His work is highly collaborative which in today’s environment is critical to the servicing of affluent clients. Also noteworthy is his clear dedication and commitment to being of service as a highly valued advisor to a family.
– Roy Kozupsky, Rimon Law Firm

When I make a referral to another professional, I am always concerned about how the referral will reflect on my relationship with my client. Steve Goodman and his firm have proven to be consummate professionals. Each person that I have recommended to consult with Steve has given me feedback that he was low pressure, competent, creative and delivers only what he says he will. Steve and his office have become superb resources for us in our estate planning work. It is unique to find someone with his level of integrity and knowledge of the life insurance business.
– Edward I. Somber, Retired Attorney

I can always rely on Steven Goodman and SHG Planning to provide my clients with thoughtful and creative planning advice.
– Morris Sabbagh, Esq., Partner, Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP

I have been purchasing life insurance from Steve Goodman at SHG Planning for as long as I have had life insurance needs. He gives me clear and accurate information at all times, and I believe his most positive trait is his honesty. What Steve tells me, is how it is. There is no salesmanship going on here. He is also an individual who gives back to his community. When my daughter and son in law asked me where to go for life insurance, there was no hesitation on my part. I immediately told them to call Steve Goodman at SHG Planning.
– Les Lerner, L.A.L. Property Management Corp.

Steve Goodman and SHG Planning are an excellent resource for both our clients and our firm. Steve has exceptionally deep and broad estate planning knowledge and experience with respect to life insurance. Steve and his team add tremendous value in analyzing some of the most complex planning cases we see in our practice, and providing innovative and thoughtful solutions for our clients.
– Kenneth C. Handy, Managing Director and Regional Director, Bessemer Trust

Steve Goodman and SHG Planning have consistently gone above and beyond my expectations in the many situations that they have had with our firm. They have developed a relationship centered around trust with many of our partners. Steve has shown us a high level of expertise in not only the insurance arena but the tax and estate planning areas as well. I can rely on Steve to give our firm an honest assessment pertaining to complex matters whether or not the transaction is beneficial to him or not. He is a true professional.
– Steven L. Marcus, CPA, Managing Partner, Gettry Marcus Stern & Lehrer